portfolio 2

  • Re-structure of regional business operations, amalgamating 20 branch sites into 4 large call centres (Blue Chip Insurance Company)
  • Achieved 50% reduction in Customer Care Complaints through process improvements and internal Training Solutions (Consolidated Claims Management Company)
  • Embedded System Thinking (Vanguard) methodologies into an operating team to support a major insurer client (Consolidated Claims Management Company)
  • Achieved 100% referring partner retention due to Operational Service Kpi Success (Outsourced Claims Management Company)
  • Achieved the Top Call Northwest, Call Centre of the year Award, for Contact Centres with 50+ seats for two years running. This is the first time any company has won this prestigious title for two years in succession in the history of the award (Outsourced Claims Management Company)
  • Implemented a range of business-wide initiatives to improve sales conversions which resulted in a 15% increase in sales conversion rates, customer contact SLA increases from 74% to 95% and improved Customer Satisfaction. Overall result £1.2m over 2 years. These results are the highest ever achieved by the company, making it the new market leader in the industry (Outsourced Claims Management Company)
  • Led a business streamlining programme, presenting C-level recommendations on how to reduce cost and improve efficiency across a call centre operation. The resulting improvements delivered a FTE cost saving of approx £50k and a predicated overall cost saving of £1.1m in year 1 (Outsourced Claims Management Company)
  • Created a more staff centric culture, increasing headcount from 14 to 90 and improving staff survey results by 16%. This enabled the company to position themselves for inclusion in the next Times 100 top employers list (National Accident Management Company)
  • Implemented a national communications strategy across 20 collections centres, ensuring cohesion and better stakeholder management (Major National Insurance Company)

call north west 2010

2010 Contact Centre of the Year

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2011 Contact Centre of the Year

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Most Respected in the Contact Centre Industry 2012


Finalist – Interim Manager of the Year